And I’ve been on a diet for years because…

I like to eat. I can admit it. All the health articles, nutrition lectures and medical advice in the world will never change that. I also like food you aren’t supposed to eat. Like the Grilled Cheese Food Truck and deep-fried sausage and cheese balls and Nutella covered waffles…

Fortunately, I usually keep a pretty good handle on my love of unhealthy food. Consumption of the above named treats is fairly rare not because I don’t want [insert fatty food here], but because it’s already hard to look at myself naked…I need not make it any more difficult.

Thus, food and drink tasting events are my ultimate splurge because I can revel in uninhibited and shameless appreciation of what I’ll call a dieters “don’t eat” list. And, being that I currently have a strange love for food trucks, the LA Street Food Fest was my match made in heaven. $45 and a growling belly were all I needed to taste unlimited amounts of food last weekend…and, taste I did. Tacos, french fries, grilled cheese, sliders, ice cream, churros, donuts… Though at the time it was glorious, it was not glorious being in actual physical pain from over consumption (yes, this is what the bible would call gluttony). Food coma for hours. When I recovered enough to roll myself to the car I was pretty sure I’d never eat again….

But then I thought, “who starts a diet on a Sunday?”…not this lady! So I topped the weekend off with a bottomless champagne brunch Sunday (which I justified because I was catching up with the lovely Rachel VanHorn, who I hadn’t seen in 5 years).

And now, here I am, writing this from the gym. In the heat of my weekend-binging-bender last weekend I lost track of my goal: looking good in my bridesmaid dress in less than 2 weeks. Well shit, detox plan…let’s dance.

xx, Victoria











LA is pretty cool, too…

I cannot believe I was in New York 1 year ago…the last 12 months have flown by! I absolutely loved summer in NYC, and was completely floored by all the summer activities and events there (many of them free!). Rather than spend the next 3 months reminiscing and wishing I could move to the East Coast, I took to the ever-trusty ‘GOOGLE’ and vowed to find just as many things to do in good ole’ sunny California. Check out my summer 2012 bucket list…and let me know if you have any additional recommendations!

1: LA Street Food Fest: in case you hadn’t caught on yet, I love to eat…and I currently have an odd fascination with food trucks. This event was made for me.

2: Chinatown Summer Nights: An event with food, film and culture? Okay, Los Angeles, I’m in.

3: Movies in the Park: Just like Bryant Park in NYC! I love this kind of thing…and I love it even more when the venue is walking distance to home. Wine for everyone!

4: Rooftop bar in Venice: When it’s sunny and warm is there anything better than getting tipsy overlooking the ocean? The answer: not really.

5: Venice Beach Music Festival:Will we fit in at this event? Absolutely not. Do I care? Not at all.

xx- Victoria

True life: we were nearly killed by a food truck (indirectly)

I love the concept of food trucks, and I love eating (in reality). Thus, it would seem as though a food truck mini-fair would be my bread and butter (pun intended). After my first experience with LA food trucks I must say I am less than impressed.

A few blocks from where Adam and I live a food truck congregation is hosted every Tuesday evening ( We have been talking about trying it out since we moved in, and with the added daylight (gracias, mother nature) we thought tonight would be the perfect opportunity.

Only a handful of trucks were there- maybe 8 or so. For some reason I was imagining dozens- so already I was disappointed from the get-go. Secondly, because we gave up sweets for Lent we had to forgo the one truck I really wanted: custom ice cream sandwiches.

After surveying the fare we both decided on a shredded beef sandwich and an order of Greek fries to share from Holy Aioli (…okay, we also had a pork bun while waiting- it was small!). I was completely dissatisfied with my choices and, being the fat kids we are, we thought we could redeem the experience with an excellent side dish. After waiting 20 min for tempura chicken and eating a bit of it Adam bit into the center and it was RAW.

So there you have it- we might die of salmonella, courtesy of my not-super-impressive food truck experience. I guess we will have to keep eating until we find the best…gourmet grilled cheese truck, I am coming for you!

xx- Victoria

p.s. we are almost done with our end tables- check back soon for photos!