SLO Stills

“Remember back when we were in college…?”

We can say that now.. when we take long weekends and vacation time to escape from our grown-up jobs. We’re those people who go back to the same restaurants in town and tell the waitress “this is our favorite little spot” (like she gives a shiz) then proceed to relive every memory we ever made in that location. Those people who talk about “voting on the rec center during freshman year then never getting to use it” and say things like “you don’t really appreciate it here until you leave.” Yeah- I think that means we’re OLD. SLO, on the other hand, is just as we left it…

xx, Victoria


We do actually exercise

So up until now I realize the title of my blog has been a bit misleading. Though it might appear all we do is eat, argue and craft, we do actually exercise almost everyday, too.

Having moved to LA from SLO we were spoiled- there were awesome hiking trails and walking paths minutes from home and, more importantly, there was parking (2 parking tickets in and I am vowing to walk my ass everywhere from now on). We’ve been trying to find trails and such, and so far we have enjoyed a nice hike at Runyon Canyon (…along with 200 or so of our closest LA friends) and a perfect day at Escondido Falls in Malibu (pics!). When we’re unable to explore we drag ourselves to the beach and run there (life is awful, really).

xx- Victoria






Venice Beach or bust.

Life’s about to get really exciting…again! Adam (my now live-in-lover/boyfriend-extraordinaire) and I just/are in the process of relocating to Venice Beach, CA. There are about to be a lot of firsts and exciting happenings, and I will (well, technically, we will) include you in [almost] all of it. We’ll be eating, exercising and probably arguing (LOL…but, really) our way around Southern California. It’ll be honest, informative and fun to read…check back often for updates as our move (February 4!) approaches. Cheers!