Summer vacation and weekend warrior-ing

The last few days have been as close to being back in college and having summer break as I will ever get again. I got a new job (!!) that starts tomorrow, and was given the option of taking Tuesday-Friday off from my previous job last week. Though my bank account is sorely upset, that was an offer I was not prepared to pass up. So for the last 7 days I have been laying at the beach, sleeping in, being lazy, and doing whatever I feel (or don’t feel) like doing. It has been GLORIOUS. Even better, Adam took Friday off of work so we got to experience the perplexing “LA lifestyle” of brunching and having coffee during prime hours on a workday. Someone please teach me how to make a living out of that because I am GREAT at it.



On this idyllic day off I ran a few errands with my live-in-lover, one of which was going to surf shops to “see what they have.” We walked out of one with ANOTHER surf board for Adam, making the grand total in our baby apartment 3. When I asked why 3 was necessary he informed me “it’s like shoes.” I would like to point out this is not a valid argument. Not because the point is off the mark, but rather because this is the excuse Adam uses for EVERYTHING. Why is the storage unit filled to the brim with your crap? It’s like shoes. Why is the hall/coat closet filled with 5 plastic crates, a saw, 2 helmets, a bike pump, and unusable bike parts? It’s like shoes. You get the point.

Friday also marked the day of an infamous Victoria meltdown due to the disarray and clutter in our home. In addition to the storage units and closet being filled, the top of the wall-to-wall units was covered with ish and Adams nice, shiny, new computer has been sitting on our dining room table for weeks. It was all too overwhelming and it had to stop. So I freaked out, yelled a bit and made Adam promise he would clean out his “hobby” bins and either find or build a desk for his computer (this desk, I might add, has been in the “drawing phase” for WEEKS).


Saturday while Adam surfed (which he better do all the effing time now that there are 3 boards begging to be used) I got up and went through my clothes. Clothes, shoes and bags…these are the only things Adam ever uses as ammunition when we are fighting about space, so I figured I better beat him to the punch and organize on my end before the bickering started. This was also part of my master-plan to kick start the cleaning and organizing so that it wouldn’t get overlooked (like it has been for the last 5 months or so). After [not enough] organizing and a break at the beach we headed to Adam’s mecca: The Home Depot.


I am not opposed to working outdoors, getting dirty (if forewarned), and DIYing. I understand Home Depot is a means to an end: if I want a desk, we need to get the supplies to build it. I do not, however, enjoy spending my Saturday night there. I especially don’t like making a task longer and more drawn out than need be (I pride myself on efficiency). Adam, however, does not see the same value in doing it right the first (and only) time. We frequently buy more supplies than needed (literally, we get a box of screws EVERY SINGLE time we go), mis-measure and subsequently buy incorrect materials and browse the aisles with no real purpose (other than to grab more unnecessary supplies).

Generally I pay no real attention when project planning…usually I am along for the ride and am completely content supervising and project managing. Recently, however, I have started adding some input in the hopes of expediting the process (note: doing it right the first time). Before leaving Home Depot Saturday I was assured that, though my input was noted, we did in fact have all the supplies we needed and each item was the right one. We got everything up into the treehouse, I fell asleep, and we woke up early Sunday for pancakes and projects!

The first words out of Adam’s mouth on Sunday were conveniently the words I did not want to start the day with: I need to go back to Home Depot. Why? Yep, you guessed it…incorrect measuring and wrong materials. Perfect. Add another snafu involving the fore mentioned screws and you can imagine how I was feeling about this project. Luckily, the issues stopped there and a few hours later we had a desk! We even fancied it up a bit with stain (ballin’) and now we are just waiting for it to dry. Organization will be mine!

Check back soon for pics of the finished desk. In the meantime…

xx- Victoria








Hey, surfer boyfriend, maybe don’t do THAT

I’ve never considered myself a neat freak or germaphobe. Being that I lived with a nutritionist-health conscious-sister who was a bit of both (love you, Liz!), I always thought I was pretty laid back. Then, I moved in with Adam and I realized how NOT LAID BACK I really am.

Adam’s chaotic “organization” drives me crazy, but I am slowly getting used to it (note: that does not mean I have accepted it). The germs and bacteria Adam’s filthy surfing paraphernalia treks into our home, on the other hand, makes me absolutely INSANE.

Adam wears his wet suit at least 4/7 days of the week…in the ocean. Do I even need to address how dirty the ocean is? What “lives” in the ocean? How unsanitary it is? No, I am sure YOU understand this. Adam, on the other hand…doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get why his wet suit can’t hang in the bathroom where, by definition, we BATHE and get CLEAN. Nor does he understand why named wet suite can’t hang near the laundry/washer and dryer (read: CLEAN laundry). This is a weekly battle, and though I have not won it yet, I am confident victory will be mine soon.

I am not a surfer (shocking…I know). I like to sleep, I am not partial to cold water and I would rather spend my time at the beach basking in the sun. Plus, surfing involves too much equipment and preparation for me. Thus, I won’t pretend to know WHY wax must come off a surfboard. Something about performance, maintenance?…I don’t actually know- I just know it happened. Last night. In my living room.

Now I could get over the “wax removal” phase just fine. It didn’t really bother me at all–in fact, I quite enjoyed the quiet time (…just kidding, Adam). I didn’t even care when Adam insisted on melting his OLD and USED wax down, using our OVEN that we COOK our DINNER in (solid effort at recycling, love!). What I did mind, however, was opening the fridge to get some water and finding Adam’s old, disgusting, re-purposed wax- wax that had been in the ocean more times than I care to think about-sitting in my nice baking dishes. If you’re thinking, “Oh shit, Adam was dead,” then you’re right…he was (well almost– he was punished, that’s for sure).

Just another day in the treehouse (if you hadn’t heard that’s the name Adam gave our house) learning to live together…and loving [nearly] every minute of it!

xx- Victoria

And the last [wo]man standing is…

Well, Adam and I have officially passed the one month mark and, believe it or not, we are both still standing (albeit at times, barely). Tonight we had a lovely argument-conversation about what drives us nuts about the other. In case you’re thinking about living-in-sin with your significant other, take a peek below and hopefully you’ll save yourself some frustration.

  • You need to clean your sheets every 2-3 weeks. I am not sure why, but most guys I talk to DON’T GET THIS.
  • Yes, I am a girl. No, I don’t enjoy cleaning, doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, or doing the laundry. Guess what? I DO IT BECAUSE IT NEEDS TO BE DONE.
  • I would absolutely prefer you use a glass to drink your milk.
  • Dish rags are for dishes, not to be used in lieu of paper towels and cutting boards when slicing fruit or veggies (this was my bad. who knew?)
  • The refrigerator does not magically refill itself, nor does the pantry.
  • The bathroom (toilet, sink and tub) have to be cleaned bi-monthly. Period.
  • Just because your parents have offered to send all the magazines you’ve ever purchased/received does not mean you have to accept.
  • Lights in the closet go off just the same way they go on.
  • …and the linen closet door closes the same way it opens (my bad, again).
  • Don’t lecture me about how much space my clothes take up. Same goes for my shoes. Just don’t. (especially when you have all the closet space in the rest of the house!)
  • I can’t watch another YouTube, Devour, Vimeo, or Surfline movie. I promise not to make you online shop, either.
  • “i love you because…” solves everything… in time. Don’t expect instant satisfaction or forgiveness (harsh, but true).

He drives me crazy, but living with Adam is a blast. Can’t wait to share the next round of “don’ts” in another month!

xx- Victoria





Who gets the last bite?

Anyone who’s ever spent some quality time with me knows that my meals are sacred. I have to eat regularly or I succumb to what my sister calls LBS: low blood sugar. LBS is another way of saying I am a raging beyotch when hungry (i can admit it…the truth hurts sometimes).

I also carefully plan my eating pattern so that the end of my meal is also the best of my meal. This means if eating a salad, for example, I save all my chicken for the end…if eating a dessert I save the bit with nuts…etc. Often this means the first half of my meal is mediocre- something I am okay with as long as the final bites are perfect.

That being said, I am also pretty damn good about offering to share my last (read BEST) bite with Adam- that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? Wrong. Today we had an argument about this (I didn’t even want the last bite…just a bite!) and I’m now curious…who gets your last bite? From now on I bet you can guess who will get mine… 🙂

xx- victoria

Renovation realities: helicopter crates and a storage wall

I am starting to feel a little bit more like a grown up, especially because I spent the whole weekend doing a DIY home project (I am 22 going on 45, apparently).

It all started with a ton (only a slight exaggeration, really) of Adam’s crap. I’ll admit it: I get most of the closet space in the bedroom. I need it- I have more clothes. Just so we are clear, I get more space in a cave-like room (no more than 10 feet long by 4 feet wide) that I still have to share with Adam. Adam, the crafting, DIY, designer, live-in-lover of mine gets quite a bit more space throughout the apartment. He has box, after box, after box, after pile…of stuff. Surf boards, wet suits, bike parts, art supplies, deflated volleyballs, a few softballs, tools, and DOZENS of Communication Arts magazines take up all the spare storage space and then some. The biggest issue of contention in this disagreement?- the damn magazines. Why?- because I have been with Adam for 2.5 years and I have never once seen him open a single one. It is honestly the beginning of “Hoarders: Buried Alive” and I am the one being suffocated by it. Currently, we are in negotiations over these magazines. I’ll keep you posted.

The above anecdote is actually relevant to our weekend DIY project: we decided to make a wall long storage/seating area to hide all of Adam’s excess stuff. Craiglist came up big for us, and on Saturday morning we drove to the Camarlilo airport and picked up 2 helicopter shipping crates. One crate was 9 feet, the other 8 feet, and Adam assured me they would fit. After a parking fiasco- which involved someone blocking our driveway for the better part of the day and ended with us having the car towed- set us back 5 hours we knew Sunday would be a long day. And we were right– 14 hours long.

We sanded and cleaned the crates first- tedious, but not too bad. Then, we started painting. And we painted. And painted. and painted, until we gave up any hope of making the crates look 100% perfect (they were free, after all). A Home Depot excursion to get supplies for the lids and feet set us back another hour or so, and by the time we got back it was time to lift the pint-sized (…right) units up the stairs, through the window and into our apartment (PIVOT, anyone?). This part of the project went surprisingly well…until I looked at the size of the wall vs. the size of the crates: the crates were a foot too big to fit in the allocated space. So, at 11:00PM last night Adam used a hand-saw to chop a chunk off the crate, then re-pieced the end back on. Success. 2 more hours of organizing and rearranging and VOILA! we had a custom wall unit, already packed to the brim with crap. Eventually it will have cushions and some more decorative features, but for now this will do just fine. Oh, the wonders of sharing a space :).


Venice Beach or bust.

Life’s about to get really exciting…again! Adam (my now live-in-lover/boyfriend-extraordinaire) and I just/are in the process of relocating to Venice Beach, CA. There are about to be a lot of firsts and exciting happenings, and I will (well, technically, we will) include you in [almost] all of it. We’ll be eating, exercising and probably arguing (LOL…but, really) our way around Southern California. It’ll be honest, informative and fun to read…check back often for updates as our move (February 4!) approaches. Cheers!