Amesome. Not Awesome.

I finally came to the realization: being a grown up SUCKS sometimes. Other times, it’s flipping rad. Here’s why:


  • Having the freedom to do literally whatever I want.
  • Being able to opening live in sin 🙂
  • Making my own money. Not having to answer to anyone when I spend that money.
  • Being employed post-graduation.
  • Getting a job in the field I studied…that I like.
  • Keeping the house as orderly (or disorderly) as I we please.
  • Making epic vacation plans to exactly  where I want to go.

Not Awesome:

  • Not being able to afford above named vacation plans.
  • Paying car insurance.
  • Rent.
  • Medical bills.
  • Lack of summer vacation. Lack of free time.
  • Having to wash all the dishes by hand.
  • Limited closet space. An abundance of Adam’s ish.
  • Working late. Really late.

For me, being an adult wins out…I don’t really want to go back in time. That is, unless, my dad is offering to pay my rent again (Dad?…)



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