Summer vacation and weekend warrior-ing

The last few days have been as close to being back in college and having summer break as I will ever get again. I got a new job (!!) that starts tomorrow, and was given the option of taking Tuesday-Friday off from my previous job last week. Though my bank account is sorely upset, that was an offer I was not prepared to pass up. So for the last 7 days I have been laying at the beach, sleeping in, being lazy, and doing whatever I feel (or don’t feel) like doing. It has been GLORIOUS. Even better, Adam took Friday off of work so we got to experience the perplexing “LA lifestyle” of brunching and having coffee during prime hours on a workday. Someone please teach me how to make a living out of that because I am GREAT at it.



On this idyllic day off I ran a few errands with my live-in-lover, one of which was going to surf shops to “see what they have.” We walked out of one with ANOTHER surf board for Adam, making the grand total in our baby apartment 3. When I asked why 3 was necessary he informed me “it’s like shoes.” I would like to point out this is not a valid argument. Not because the point is off the mark, but rather because this is the excuse Adam uses for EVERYTHING. Why is the storage unit filled to the brim with your crap? It’s like shoes. Why is the hall/coat closet filled with 5 plastic crates, a saw, 2 helmets, a bike pump, and unusable bike parts? It’s like shoes. You get the point.

Friday also marked the day of an infamous Victoria meltdown due to the disarray and clutter in our home. In addition to the storage units and closet being filled, the top of the wall-to-wall units was covered with ish and Adams nice, shiny, new computer has been sitting on our dining room table for weeks. It was all too overwhelming and it had to stop. So I freaked out, yelled a bit and made Adam promise he would clean out his “hobby” bins and either find or build a desk for his computer (this desk, I might add, has been in the “drawing phase” for WEEKS).


Saturday while Adam surfed (which he better do all the effing time now that there are 3 boards begging to be used) I got up and went through my clothes. Clothes, shoes and bags…these are the only things Adam ever uses as ammunition when we are fighting about space, so I figured I better beat him to the punch and organize on my end before the bickering started. This was also part of my master-plan to kick start the cleaning and organizing so that it wouldn’t get overlooked (like it has been for the last 5 months or so). After [not enough] organizing and a break at the beach we headed to Adam’s mecca: The Home Depot.


I am not opposed to working outdoors, getting dirty (if forewarned), and DIYing. I understand Home Depot is a means to an end: if I want a desk, we need to get the supplies to build it. I do not, however, enjoy spending my Saturday night there. I especially don’t like making a task longer and more drawn out than need be (I pride myself on efficiency). Adam, however, does not see the same value in doing it right the first (and only) time. We frequently buy more supplies than needed (literally, we get a box of screws EVERY SINGLE time we go), mis-measure and subsequently buy incorrect materials and browse the aisles with no real purpose (other than to grab more unnecessary supplies).

Generally I pay no real attention when project planning…usually I am along for the ride and am completely content supervising and project managing. Recently, however, I have started adding some input in the hopes of expediting the process (note: doing it right the first time). Before leaving Home Depot Saturday I was assured that, though my input was noted, we did in fact have all the supplies we needed and each item was the right one. We got everything up into the treehouse, I fell asleep, and we woke up early Sunday for pancakes and projects!

The first words out of Adam’s mouth on Sunday were conveniently the words I did not want to start the day with: I need to go back to Home Depot. Why? Yep, you guessed it…incorrect measuring and wrong materials. Perfect. Add another snafu involving the fore mentioned screws and you can imagine how I was feeling about this project. Luckily, the issues stopped there and a few hours later we had a desk! We even fancied it up a bit with stain (ballin’) and now we are just waiting for it to dry. Organization will be mine!

Check back soon for pics of the finished desk. In the meantime…

xx- Victoria








LA is pretty cool, too…

I cannot believe I was in New York 1 year ago…the last 12 months have flown by! I absolutely loved summer in NYC, and was completely floored by all the summer activities and events there (many of them free!). Rather than spend the next 3 months reminiscing and wishing I could move to the East Coast, I took to the ever-trusty ‘GOOGLE’ and vowed to find just as many things to do in good ole’ sunny California. Check out my summer 2012 bucket list…and let me know if you have any additional recommendations!

1: LA Street Food Fest: in case you hadn’t caught on yet, I love to eat…and I currently have an odd fascination with food trucks. This event was made for me.

2: Chinatown Summer Nights: An event with food, film and culture? Okay, Los Angeles, I’m in.

3: Movies in the Park: Just like Bryant Park in NYC! I love this kind of thing…and I love it even more when the venue is walking distance to home. Wine for everyone!

4: Rooftop bar in Venice: When it’s sunny and warm is there anything better than getting tipsy overlooking the ocean? The answer: not really.

5: Venice Beach Music Festival:Will we fit in at this event? Absolutely not. Do I care? Not at all.

xx- Victoria

Party planning and bridal showers

If you didn’t know, my older sister- Liz- is getting married in August. It’s pretty freaking crazy to think about, and it still blows my mind we are old enough to be having this happen. In any case, it’s been a blast to be a part of the process, and we (my sister and co-maid of honor, Katie, and I) hosted our bridal shower in Liz’s honor this past weekend.

Now I must say, arts and crafts have never really been a forte of the Zabel family. Generally, we are much more practical than we are creative. But, in the case of the bridal shower we KILLED IT… Martha Stewart status. Our decorations and decor came out perfectly, the games were fun (and most importantly, they were minimal), the food was tasty, and champagne was pouring all day. Oh, and I got a job offer in the morning– so Saturday was epic!

Happy last 2 months as a single woman, [future] LizĀ  Shaw!

xx- Victoria

It’s wedding season…

Well Adam and I have attended our first grown up event: a wedding of one of Adams friends from high school. It was a wonderful retreat for the weekend to Dallas…though flipping hot in a way Californians cannot appreciate. I feel like I now need a weekend to recover from my weekend (that counts as sick time at work, right?). You put on a good and beautiful party, Mr. and Mrs. William Morgan…congrats!

p.s…am I really old enough for this?

xx- Victoria

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Is it too late to say Happy Memorial Day?

I realize I am behind, but Happy Memorial Day (better late than never…?). As much as I freaking love weekday holidays (and appreciate the significance of them, too)- the week following them kicks my ass big time. But, my Memorial weekend in SLO was worth the sensation of drowning I felt all week.

I consider both Adam and I pretty efficient people. After realizing how bad we are at time estimating, getting out of the house on time and overpacking I am quickly becoming aware of how wrong that self portrait is. We planned to leave LA by 7 to get to SLO by 10.. We pulled up at 11:30. Solid start, but at least we were there! My wonderful prior-roommates, current-lovelies- heather and courtney- graciously shared their home with us, which was awesome not only because I got to finally spend time with them again, but also because they are literally in downtown SLO (thanks again!)

For some reason Adam and I refused to acknowledge the weather forecast for the weekend. Even though we both checked before we left and we clearly saw the “chilly and overcast” predictions, we both brought summer clothes. Oh, and Saturday was winter season cold. This ended up being an excuse to shop…(which i was obviously devastated by). We spent the day catching up with friends, eating at our favorite spots, hiking, and hitting the bars (you know how carazay DT SLO is…)

Sunday was perfect and we decided to take advantage of the weather, the wine and Adam’s scooter (which I have named Carol). Mr. Scott Ender has a bitchin bike as well, so our little scooter gang putted to Avila and drank wine at Kelsey winery while peacocks wandered around us (literally). After our adventure we ate some more local cuisine (aka Gus’ deli) then made our way to a BBQ with Adam’s friends from college.

Monday we took off and sat in traffic all damn day. The frustration, coupled with the elation we each felt from our trip back to our good ole stomping grounds, drove us to eat. All.Day.Long. Seriously. Therefore, on the way home we vowed to “cleanse” for 3 days, which was quite possibly one of the worst decisions I have ever made (more on that at a later time).

Most importantly, perhaps, Memorial weekend highlighted I am old. I am that person that comes back and goes to my favorite haunts, tells everyone my favorite dish and restaurant (like anyone cares), and talks about ‘when we were in college…’. Oh, and Adam and I can officially say we met in school? Yeah…I’m ready to use my senior citizen discount any day now.

We are off to Dallas for the weekend for Will and Carla’s wedding…check back soon for more thought-gems :).

xx- Victoria