50 Shades Done

I always start out blogging with such ambition– I’m going to write every day (yeah, right), every week (do-able), at least every month (?). Well shit, sometimes life just gets away from me and the ever important task of sharing my thoughts with the digital world gets sidelined (a tragedy, I know).

And why wouldn’t I start out blogging with a bit of a book review? Don’t get too bored, my books of choice are basically literary porn- which is 100% acceptable due to appearing on the New York Times bestseller list. My read time for the 50 Shades trilogy was faster than the Hunger Games–yeah, they are that good, completely delicious and impossible to put down.

To spare my mom the embarrassment of an explicit recap of these books and how I really feel about them I’ll just say this: READ THEM…with a glass bottle of wine and your man (or woman) nearby ;).

xx- Victoria