The treehouse: doomed to be a blank canvas forever…

After getting the furniture purchased and the “big stuff” taken care of I thought the fun would begin…decorating! Pinterest and apartment blogs be damned because you provide false hope to regular, artistically-challenged, determined-to-be-trendy decorators, like myself. The snapshots of a finished project with a witty quote and instructional step make everything look easy. DIY planter-turned-art piece? Just my after work project. A complete living room overhaul? This weekend. Done. Custom table carved from an entire redwood tree? 1 hour…tops. These expectations are bullshit. Things never go as planned, and decorating isn’t always that fun…

  • It’s expensive. You want how much for that crappy mirror?
  • In LA, you thrift and flea market and swap meet (as verbs). It’s overwhelming and usually pricey.
  • It’s hard to agree on, well, everything. It took two months to buy pillows for our couch.
  • You have to come to terms with the fact that you WILL lose money from your security deposit. WHAT?! We most certainly did NOT put up 10000 dry wall screws.
  • It’s okay to buy some things. No, you can’t recreate that wall art, that chair, that lamp, that table (adam)
  • You can’t always find something cheaper, cuter, more perfect. Sometimes, you should just buy every damn thing you think you need from Ikea while you’re there. It’s not at all convenient to go back.
  • You can do a lot of decorating tasks in an evening. You can do even more if you get off Devour, Apple Trailers, Vimeo, That Kind of Woman, On Sunny Days…

xx- Victoria





I believe in forever

Tonight we celebrated my grandparents 57th wedding anniversary. Yeah, you heard me… 57 years, happily married and still 100% in love. That warrants some damn respect and admirationeven from the love-cynics in the world. Here’s to the most amazing couple I have ever known: because of you, I believe in forever and happily ever after.

xx- Victoria


We do actually exercise

So up until now I realize the title of my blog has been a bit misleading. Though it might appear all we do is eat, argue and craft, we do actually exercise almost everyday, too.

Having moved to LA from SLO we were spoiled- there were awesome hiking trails and walking paths minutes from home and, more importantly, there was parking (2 parking tickets in and I am vowing to walk my ass everywhere from now on). We’ve been trying to find trails and such, and so far we have enjoyed a nice hike at Runyon Canyon (…along with 200 or so of our closest LA friends) and a perfect day at Escondido Falls in Malibu (pics!). When we’re unable to explore we drag ourselves to the beach and run there (life is awful, really).

xx- Victoria






Cal Poly-ers in the real world?

I met my college roommate from FRESHMAN year for dinner and drinks tonight after work. The fact that I can even say that means I am officially old.

Have one of those friends you can go months without seeing, then when you get together you’re able to pick up where you left off? I have Ms. Kelsey Magnusen :)….love you, lady!

I wish all weeks started with a wonderful catch up session, tacos and $4 margaritas. (new recommendation: fishbar in manhattan beach)

xx- Victoria