I make tables like it’s my job

The title is fairly misleading…mostly Adam makes the tables and I come up with all the amazing ideas…

I am feeling pretty Jesse Eisenberg a la Social Network [shout out to Sony :)] as write this with a glass of wine in hand. It’s just been one of those weeks. Hopefully this won’t lead to a farm animal comparison…I’ve got to save some material on Adam for later posts (just kidding, lover).

I know you’ve been anxiously waiting to see our completed end tables (yes, now is the time to pause for dramatic effect). Yesterday was a MONUMENTAL day for team Adam-Victoria Home Renovations. Why? Because we actually- 100%, totally and completely- finished a project! This might seem like a small feat to some of you over-achievers, but I can assure you- IT’S A FLIPPING BIG DEAL. And I’m psyched about it. Guess that calls for another glass of wine…


If you remember, a few weeks ago Adam and I hit up the Pasadena swap meet. After weeding through the overpriced crap we found the above old ammunition boxes and thought they would make cool tables. We bought them, brought them home, then left them (as pictured) in our kitchen…in the way. Then, 2 weeks ago I had a melt down about the clutter and mess and seeming disarray of our house (I just want a cute apartment, okay! Apartment Therapy has planted false hopes in my mind and I can’t seem to shake them). You will soon learn these melt downs are semi-frequent. Sorry Adam.


Post melt-down we finally got our shit together and figured out how exactly we would assemble the tables. A few Home Depot trips later (I am learning it is impossible to go only once/project with Adam) we had our supplies and we were ready to rock and roll. Note: you will notice from the pictures, my efforts and talents are better spent on what I like to call “supervision.”


Adam killed it on all the sawing, drilling and whatever else he did while I was supervising. Can’t be 100% sure there, but I was pleased with the results.


Little elements that you know are important, but don’t really think about start to pop up when doing DIY projects. For instance, leveling the tables…knew that was important, would have maybe forgot to do that if it weren’t for Adam. Another important note here: Adam owned most of these tools already (hence the lack of space in our apartment).


I might not be able to drill, weld, saw, or perform any other carpentry skill well, but I can paint the hell out of a board/piece of wood. BAM.


Something that’s important to consider when painting is how exactly you are going to dry the painted item (especially if it’s black). If you don’t think that far in advance (like us), then I hope you’re an all-around-badass (also like us)– that way you can ninja your way into creating a custom drying apparatus.


The fact that Adam is hand-sawing something in a perfect line in this photo is fairly irrelevant; he’s wearing crocks. You can’t come back from that.


Being that we used wood to keep our tables on the inexpensive side, we thought that “add-ons” would be a cool way to dress the tables up and make them feel edgy and industrial. We picked some cool bolts to attach the wood, and used casters as the feet. Functional and fancy.



You’ve probably noticed a pattern in the pictures. We start out thrilled to be working on a home project as a team, and we are super excited when things go right. By the end, however, we are over one another and the project…and “the bird” is much more frequent than a high-five.


Then we actually finish the project and all is forgiven (for the most part)…well,this was the first time that happened but I am guessing this is how it will go when we complete projects in the future, too.


Our DVD player is hidden inside the amo box, along with remotes and anything else that needed to be out of sight….


And games are in this one. With the shelf we even have room for our awesome basket (thanks, sisters!). AND…what’s even better is Adam took ALL of his Communication Arts magazines out of our house. Yeah…new tables, less clutter and a glass of wine- I am one happy girl. Oh, and tomorrow’s FRIDAY?! 🙂

xx- Victoria


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