Hey, surfer boyfriend, maybe don’t do THAT

I’ve never considered myself a neat freak or germaphobe. Being that I lived with a nutritionist-health conscious-sister who was a bit of both (love you, Liz!), I always thought I was pretty laid back. Then, I moved in with Adam and I realized how NOT LAID BACK I really am.

Adam’s chaotic “organization” drives me crazy, but I am slowly getting used to it (note: that does not mean I have accepted it). The germs and bacteria Adam’s filthy surfing paraphernalia treks into our home, on the other hand, makes me absolutely INSANE.

Adam wears his wet suit at least 4/7 days of the week…in the ocean. Do I even need to address how dirty the ocean is? What “lives” in the ocean? How unsanitary it is? No, I am sure YOU understand this. Adam, on the other hand…doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get why his wet suit can’t hang in the bathroom where, by definition, we BATHE and get CLEAN. Nor does he understand why named wet suite can’t hang near the laundry/washer and dryer (read: CLEAN laundry). This is a weekly battle, and though I have not won it yet, I am confident victory will be mine soon.

I am not a surfer (shocking…I know). I like to sleep, I am not partial to cold water and I would rather spend my time at the beach basking in the sun. Plus, surfing involves too much equipment and preparation for me. Thus, I won’t pretend to know WHY wax must come off a surfboard. Something about performance, maintenance?…I don’t actually know- I just know it happened. Last night. In my living room.

Now I could get over the “wax removal” phase just fine. It didn’t really bother me at all–in fact, I quite enjoyed the quiet time (…just kidding, Adam). I didn’t even care when Adam insisted on melting his OLD and USED wax down, using our OVEN that we COOK our DINNER in (solid effort at recycling, love!). What I did mind, however, was opening the fridge to get some water and finding Adam’s old, disgusting, re-purposed wax- wax that had been in the ocean more times than I care to think about-sitting in my nice baking dishes. If you’re thinking, “Oh shit, Adam was dead,” then you’re right…he was (well almost– he was punished, that’s for sure).

Just another day in the treehouse (if you hadn’t heard that’s the name Adam gave our house) learning to live together…and loving [nearly] every minute of it!

xx- Victoria


I make tables like it’s my job

The title is fairly misleading…mostly Adam makes the tables and I come up with all the amazing ideas…

I am feeling pretty Jesse Eisenberg a la Social Network [shout out to Sony :)] as write this with a glass of wine in hand. It’s just been one of those weeks. Hopefully this won’t lead to a farm animal comparison…I’ve got to save some material on Adam for later posts (just kidding, lover).

I know you’ve been anxiously waiting to see our completed end tables (yes, now is the time to pause for dramatic effect). Yesterday was a MONUMENTAL day for team Adam-Victoria Home Renovations. Why? Because we actually- 100%, totally and completely- finished a project! This might seem like a small feat to some of you over-achievers, but I can assure you- IT’S A FLIPPING BIG DEAL. And I’m psyched about it. Guess that calls for another glass of wine…


If you remember, a few weeks ago Adam and I hit up the Pasadena swap meet. After weeding through the overpriced crap we found the above old ammunition boxes and thought they would make cool tables. We bought them, brought them home, then left them (as pictured) in our kitchen…in the way. Then, 2 weeks ago I had a melt down about the clutter and mess and seeming disarray of our house (I just want a cute apartment, okay! Apartment Therapy has planted false hopes in my mind and I can’t seem to shake them). You will soon learn these melt downs are semi-frequent. Sorry Adam.


Post melt-down we finally got our shit together and figured out how exactly we would assemble the tables. A few Home Depot trips later (I am learning it is impossible to go only once/project with Adam) we had our supplies and we were ready to rock and roll. Note: you will notice from the pictures, my efforts and talents are better spent on what I like to call “supervision.”


Adam killed it on all the sawing, drilling and whatever else he did while I was supervising. Can’t be 100% sure there, but I was pleased with the results.


Little elements that you know are important, but don’t really think about start to pop up when doing DIY projects. For instance, leveling the tables…knew that was important, would have maybe forgot to do that if it weren’t for Adam. Another important note here: Adam owned most of these tools already (hence the lack of space in our apartment).


I might not be able to drill, weld, saw, or perform any other carpentry skill well, but I can paint the hell out of a board/piece of wood. BAM.


Something that’s important to consider when painting is how exactly you are going to dry the painted item (especially if it’s black). If you don’t think that far in advance (like us), then I hope you’re an all-around-badass (also like us)– that way you can ninja your way into creating a custom drying apparatus.


The fact that Adam is hand-sawing something in a perfect line in this photo is fairly irrelevant; he’s wearing crocks. You can’t come back from that.


Being that we used wood to keep our tables on the inexpensive side, we thought that “add-ons” would be a cool way to dress the tables up and make them feel edgy and industrial. We picked some cool bolts to attach the wood, and used casters as the feet. Functional and fancy.



You’ve probably noticed a pattern in the pictures. We start out thrilled to be working on a home project as a team, and we are super excited when things go right. By the end, however, we are over one another and the project…and “the bird” is much more frequent than a high-five.


Then we actually finish the project and all is forgiven (for the most part)…well,this was the first time that happened but I am guessing this is how it will go when we complete projects in the future, too.


Our DVD player is hidden inside the amo box, along with remotes and anything else that needed to be out of sight….


And games are in this one. With the shelf we even have room for our awesome basket (thanks, sisters!). AND…what’s even better is Adam took ALL of his Communication Arts magazines out of our house. Yeah…new tables, less clutter and a glass of wine- I am one happy girl. Oh, and tomorrow’s FRIDAY?! 🙂

xx- Victoria

You can call me Betty Crocker

Since Adam and I have a special love for sweet treats and delicacies in life, we have to find ways to hold one another accountable for what we eat. It’s not easy, and we are not perfect at it (yes, we did go to the food trucks and we will probably drink a bottle or 3 of wine this weekend). I prefer to focus on the positives, though (HA! right)…so here is a recipe I tried today that was different and healthy. If we hadn’t given up sweets for Lent (damn it) I would have felt zero guilt indulging in dessert afterwards. Originally I pinterested/stumbled upon the recipe here, but I tweaked it a bit to suit our likes.

Easy Sweet Potato/Black Bean Veggie Burgers:


Ingredients we used:

1 can black beans, drained
2 small sweet potatoes, boiled/peeled/mashed (about 2 cups)
Saracha (as much as we can stand
Red pepper, garlic, seasoning salt
2 tablespoons Chipotle cream cheese

burgers: avocado, chipotle cream cheese (for spread), pepperjack cheese, soft roll, romaine, onion, tomato

Side: asparagus


Boil your potatoes until they are soft and you can peel the skin off of them. Warning: they have been sitting in boiling water for 30+ minutes…they are flipping hot. Yes, they will burn your fingers and no, the pain is not quick (not that I know from experience or anything).


Mash the potatoes and the can of beans together in a large bowl. Add your seasonings and [if you used it] cream cheese.


Form your mix into patties and spritz with olive oil. Make sure the oil gets on both sides so your patty maintains some sort of shape when flipped.


Fix your burger however you like. Avocado is an excellent addition in this case, if I do say so myself.


Enjoy :)!

Oh, and we finally finished our tables tonight…the first project to be 100% complete in our home! Check back tomorrow for pictures.

xx- Victoria

True life: we were nearly killed by a food truck (indirectly)

I love the concept of food trucks, and I love eating (in reality). Thus, it would seem as though a food truck mini-fair would be my bread and butter (pun intended). After my first experience with LA food trucks I must say I am less than impressed.

A few blocks from where Adam and I live a food truck congregation is hosted every Tuesday evening (http://m.yelp.com/biz/gourmet-food-trucks-at-the-victorian-santa-monica). We have been talking about trying it out since we moved in, and with the added daylight (gracias, mother nature) we thought tonight would be the perfect opportunity.

Only a handful of trucks were there- maybe 8 or so. For some reason I was imagining dozens- so already I was disappointed from the get-go. Secondly, because we gave up sweets for Lent we had to forgo the one truck I really wanted: custom ice cream sandwiches.

After surveying the fare we both decided on a shredded beef sandwich and an order of Greek fries to share from Holy Aioli (…okay, we also had a pork bun while waiting- it was small!). I was completely dissatisfied with my choices and, being the fat kids we are, we thought we could redeem the experience with an excellent side dish. After waiting 20 min for tempura chicken and eating a bit of it Adam bit into the center and it was RAW.

So there you have it- we might die of salmonella, courtesy of my not-super-impressive food truck experience. I guess we will have to keep eating until we find the best…gourmet grilled cheese truck, I am coming for you!

xx- Victoria

p.s. we are almost done with our end tables- check back soon for photos!


And the last [wo]man standing is…

Well, Adam and I have officially passed the one month mark and, believe it or not, we are both still standing (albeit at times, barely). Tonight we had a lovely argument-conversation about what drives us nuts about the other. In case you’re thinking about living-in-sin with your significant other, take a peek below and hopefully you’ll save yourself some frustration.

  • You need to clean your sheets every 2-3 weeks. I am not sure why, but most guys I talk to DON’T GET THIS.
  • Yes, I am a girl. No, I don’t enjoy cleaning, doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, or doing the laundry. Guess what? I DO IT BECAUSE IT NEEDS TO BE DONE.
  • I would absolutely prefer you use a glass to drink your milk.
  • Dish rags are for dishes, not to be used in lieu of paper towels and cutting boards when slicing fruit or veggies (this was my bad. who knew?)
  • The refrigerator does not magically refill itself, nor does the pantry.
  • The bathroom (toilet, sink and tub) have to be cleaned bi-monthly. Period.
  • Just because your parents have offered to send all the magazines you’ve ever purchased/received does not mean you have to accept.
  • Lights in the closet go off just the same way they go on.
  • …and the linen closet door closes the same way it opens (my bad, again).
  • Don’t lecture me about how much space my clothes take up. Same goes for my shoes. Just don’t. (especially when you have all the closet space in the rest of the house!)
  • I can’t watch another YouTube, Devour, Vimeo, or Surfline movie. I promise not to make you online shop, either.
  • “i love you because…” solves everything… in time. Don’t expect instant satisfaction or forgiveness (harsh, but true).

He drives me crazy, but living with Adam is a blast. Can’t wait to share the next round of “don’ts” in another month!

xx- Victoria