This is real life.

Well…it’s as official as it can be now: I am old. Old, graduated and about to be completely on my own (well, almost…Adam will be there, too). Although being broke and struggling-a-little-bit is scary, it’s also 100% exciting and wonderful. 2012 I’ve got a lot of faith in you- don’t let me down! Until next time, Cal Poly- it was a blast.

xx- Victoria


Officially ready to be an LA local

It was time to change things up: new year, new job, new house…new hair? After being [salon-purchased] blonde for 8 years I made the leap to the dark side (in the hopes of eventually saving a ton on hair expenses- I am on a budget now, after all). A few hours in and I’m loving it! I’ll fit right in when we move to Venice in ONE WEEK. xx- Victoria


Let me explain the carpool lane to you…

I’ve been making the drive from good ‘ole Simi Valley to West Hollywood 2 times a day for the past 2 weeks or so. Because of this I feel 100% qualified to make a few statements about LA traffic. First, did you know it effing sucks? It’s important to note that “LA traffic” is not an exaggeration– it does, in fact, often take over 2 hours to complete a drive that should take 45 minutes (tops!). It’s awesome…especially in the morning, and even more so when you’ve had a long day at work. …pause… not.

This brings me to my next issue with LA traffic, more specifically with LA drivers. Most LA freeways have what is often referred to as the carpool lane. The “carpool lane” is a lane reserved for cars carrying a MINIMUM of TWO passengers. This does not mean one passenger, nor a single, pregnant passenger, nor you and your cup of coffee, your cell phone, your iPod…your ANYTHING. Carpool lane means you plus at least one more person in your car! (did I make that clear enough?). Why, then, do many LA drivers think it’s okay to drive, by THEMSELVES, in the carpool lane? Do you think your time is more important than every other drivers [time is], that being on time to your job is only a priority for you, that we enjoy sitting in traffic for two hours in the morning? Because in every instance you- inconsiderate, illegal-carpool driver- are wrong. Oh, and it’s also illegal to cross the double-yellow line to exit the carpool lane…so stop doing that, too (after the shenanigans you pulled by driving in the lane illegally I won’t let you in my lane, anyway).

The end.

xx- Victoria

Venice Beach or bust.

Life’s about to get really exciting…again! Adam (my now live-in-lover/boyfriend-extraordinaire) and I just/are in the process of relocating to Venice Beach, CA. There are about to be a lot of firsts and exciting happenings, and I will (well, technically, we will) include you in [almost] all of it. We’ll be eating, exercising and probably arguing (LOL…but, really) our way around Southern California. It’ll be honest, informative and fun to read…check back often for updates as our move (February 4!) approaches. Cheers!